We curate soul-affirming healing spaces that prioritize marginalized folks who crave a sense of community while navigating the pitfalls, plateaus, and peaks of mental wellness

​We envision a world that is well-versed in mental health literacy and well-equipped with wellness tools that facilitate the easy recognition of individual and collective battles with the mind. In this world, we collectively encourage, validate, and fund culturally inclusive treatment by sharing affordable, accessible resources for ALL people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and immigration status. We strive for collective solidarity and empathy regardless of mental health status. We dream of the day where the world can sincerely say "It's okay not to be okay. You are not alone."

  • We center and amplify the voices often minimized in mainstream discourse on mental health.

  • We actively question stigma's harmful labels and one-dimensional narratives borne from ignorance.

  • We recognize the courage it takes to seek professional help and celebrate that strength.

  • We reflect on our journeys with pride, cheering for the growth we continuously achieve.

  • We honour inclusivity and expect our allies to be mindful of their privilege when interacting within our spaces.